Island Hopping - Blue Bay Village Hotel in Andros, Batsi

Island Hopping

A visit to Greece would be incomplete without visiting Athens, the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities life span ranging to nearly 3000 years. A very powerful ancient city-state, Athens was a center for learning, arts and of course philosophy. With the wonderful Mediterranean weather and numerous sights and attractions, it draws today a lot of visitors, providing something for everyone. Apart from the ancient sites, the city is known for its numerous theaters and the vivid nightlife.
Easily accessible, Athens has one of the best airports and has frequent flights from almost anywhere in the world and it is well interconnected with every transport mean, including cars for hire and taxis, while it provides numerous hotels to suit all budgets. One particularly well suited hotel is Alexandros hotel, delivering high quality personal service and delightful modern interiors. Easy bookings and ideal prices, this hotel is definitely worth a visit and will not disappoint.

After your enjoyable stay at Athens, the next stop in your Greek vacation is Andros island, the northern most of the Cyclades chain of islands. Andros is known for its magnificent Cycladic landscape complete with rolling mountains, steep gorges and stunning valleys. Its capital, Hora, is a charming town with beautiful neo- classical mansions, narrow alleys lined with arcades, churches and squares. Getting to Andros is very easy with frequent ferries plying to Andros from Rafina port in Athens and also Lavrio port.
It has also many hotels to choose from, such as the Blue Bay hotel in Batsi, guaranteed to meet all your needs. This stunning holiday resort includes a top class hotel, located near the beach in Delevoya and is ideal for the perfect vacation. Providing all the amenities and much more, the hotel is well priced and guaranteed to make your stay unforgettable. Get your tickets.

Leaving from Andros, you will visit the mountainous Tinos island, mostly known for the impressive church of Panagia, within a walking distance from the port, and the miraculous icon inside the church. Hora town, the capital of Tinos, has met a rapid development over these last decades, especially in tourism area. The architecture of the island has been influenced by the Venetians, who once ruled Tinos, and is mostly seen in the small villages, scattered around the countryside of Tinos. The beaches in Tinos are also magnificent, with sandy or pebbled seashores and crystal clear waters.

Most beaches are organized and accommodation options are built by the seaside. Take for example Agios Ioannis beach, close to which you will find Carlo hotel. Carlo is a luxurious hotel with a panoramic view to the Aegean Sea. Its rooms are designed according to the traditional Cycladic architectural style and provide you with all the comfort you will need on your holiday! There is a large swimming pool in the yard and an open bar to offer you a refreshment drink. Carlo is a family run business that invites you to see the relaxing side of Tinos island.

After Andros is the wonderful island of Mykonos, easily accessible by plane from Athens and by ferry from Andros. Mykonos, characterized as the “Venice of Greece”, is a truly beautiful and cosmopolitan island. Lined with white cubic houses with colorful windows, numerous churches and narrow alleys paved with white washed stones, Mykonos forms the perfect concluding stop in your Greek vacation. Also the sacred island of Delos lies nearby and should be visited, especially by history enthusiasts. Known also for its nightlife, attracting both locals and foreigners, Mykonos is a party-island.

A stay at the Andronikos hotel is recommended mainly due to, the more than satisfactory service, combined with the stunning visuals provided at the hotel. Priding itself on its professionalism, this hotel is definitely better than the rest and is guaranteed to make your last couple of days in Greece truly memorable.

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